My Story

I’ve always been a maker, taught to knit, crochet and sew by my mum at a young age. The eighties saw my teenage self at my knitting machine and sewing machine. As a young adult, in between decorating my house with paint effects, I was a dedicated crocheter. My creative time is now filled mainly with spinning and knitting, with the occasional felting and weaving thrown in for good measure. I spend so much time with wool that I want it to be of the highest quality, sustainable and made with minimal impact on the environment.

Having sheep of my own means that my hands are in wool every single day, from the warm greasy fleece on the sheep’s back to the fabulous yarn on my needles.

I am passionate about promoting the benefits of locally produced very British wool and support small independent woolly businesses with advice and social media management. I am also the director of 35:35 Press which publishes two wool craft magazines and promotes the values of local wool. 

Rainy Williamson


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