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Stash busting crochet fairy lights

This pattern first appeared in the November / December 2017 issue of British Fibre Art Magazine.

Perfect for making a bright Christmas bunting to drape over a mantel piece or decorate the tree, these crochet lights are a great way to use up odds and ends or your growing collection of mini skeins. You can download the FREE pattern here.

Yarn: brightly coloured DK weight

Hook: 4mm

Each light is about 7cm long when finished.

Tension isn’t crucial for this pattern.

You will also need some stuffing and a needle to join together.

Main Light

Create a magic ring and CH1.

Work 6 dc into the ring. SS to close. [6sts] CH1.

Row 1. 2DC into each stitch. SS to close [12sts] CH1.

Row 2. *dc into next stitch. 2DC in next stitch* repeat *-* to end of row. SS to close. [18sts]. CH1.

Work the following rows amigurumi style. Do not SS each row closed.

Row 3. Dc in each stitch [18sts]

Row 4-8. As for row 3.

[add some stuffing as you go]

Row 9. *1DC in each of the next three stitches, then work 1DC in next two stitches together [decrease] *repeat *-* until the tip of the light is reached.

SS closed. Break yarn and pull through loop to finish.

Top of Light

Create a magic ring and CH1.

Work 6 dc into the ring. Ss to close [6sts] CH1.

Row 1. DC in each stitch. CH1. [6sts]

Row 2. DC in each stitch. CH1. [6sts]

Row 3. 2DC in each stitch. [12sts]

SS to close. Break with a length of yarn and pull through to finish.

Put a tiny bit of stuffing into this top piece and use the length of yarn to sew to the rounded end of the light. Stitch a loop through the top and use to hang on a ribbon to make bunting.


CH = chain

SS = slip stitch

DC = double crochet