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This DK yarn is a delightful blend of alpaca 60%  and Castlemilk Moorit wool 40%.

Castlemilk Moorits are a rare, primitive breed native to Dumfriesshire in Scotland and the lambs are quite possibly the prettiest of any sheep breed. The fine wool is soft and varies from deep chocolate brown to more of a caramel at the tips. The moorit sheep are raised on crofts in the far North of Scotland and the alpaca is from Devon.

Blended with white alpaca, the Castlemilk Moorit wool adds bounce and the resulting in a yarn that is 



Weight : double knit

Wraps Per Inch : 

Skein Weight: 100g

metres   yards



Very British Wool has yarn sustainability at its core. Our ethically produced wool yarns are British through and through from the farm to the finished yarn and can be traced back to the flock, and sometimes the individual sheep, that gave its fleece for the yarn. Independent British wool growers and yarn producers [usually smallholders or small scale farmers] provide the ultimate in sustainable yarns for knitting and crochet projects and by buying their yarns you are supporting British farmers and directly championing native and rare breed sheep.

Alpaca Blend Double Knit