The pattern for the Picot Edge Shawl was published in British Fibre Art Magazine Issue 10 July / August 2018.

Upon purchase you will receive an email which contains the link to download the whole issue. The pattern is published within the issue. Download within 30 days of receiving the email then the document is yours to keep forever.As well a the pattern you will also find the following content:

Plant Fibres
Nettles for Fibre 

Wonderwool Wales
Woodland Turnery
Hubble Telescope: an inspiration

Growing Colour in Small Places
Natures Rainbow
Flowery Resin Spindles

Needle Felted Flip Flop Flowers

DIY Stab Pad

Spinning Flax

Indie Biz Interview: Flora Fibres 

Picot Edge Shawl Pattern

Me and My Wheel
Crochet Bath Mat Pattern

Book giveaway

and more ...


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Picot Edge Shawl Pattern PDF Download



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